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Professional Camera Equipment

Greyson Chudyk

Greyson graduated college with a degree in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and first started working with drones in 2016. Since then, he and a few other students designed and built an autonomous copter for the AUVSI SUAS college competition. From this, he learned how to work with industry level electrical and communications systems. Pairing this with his passion for photography and videography has lead Greyson to partner with Ben to create B and G Imaging.


Ben Naylor

Ben grew up in the Rochester area and attended college at the Rochester Institute of Technology for marketing. After receiving his degree and learning the ins and outs of how a business is run, he decided to team up with Greyson Chudyk and dive into the field. Ben grew up participating in action sports such as freestyle skiing and motocross, which introduced him to filming and editing videos of his sports. Over the years Ben gained experience with multiple Adobe production programs, leading him to be proficient in photography and cinematography.   

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